Justin leads the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney with a history of implementing innovative plans and bold action to forge a criminal legal system for Kauai that keeps us safe while ending our reliance on mass incarceration. An emphasis on public safety, partnerships with legislators, equity, and transparency will continue his and his team’s work of seeking impartial and expeditious justice with integrity.


Ending reliance on money bail for most cases and ensuring that nobody is imprisoned simply because they cannot afford bail. 

Minimizing pretrial incarceration whenever possible to unless absolutely necessary to maintain public safety.

Reducing lengthy terms of supervision for comparatively minor cases.

Supporting the legalization, regulation and taxation of cannabis for adult recreational use and recognize the failures of our decades-long war on drugs.

Supporting diversion to treatment for cases where mental health or substance use is a key factor.


Ensuring that fines and fees are reasonable and proportional to an offense and that payment of same is not tied to everyday necessities like getting a driver’s license in Hawaii.

Supporting an end to Hawaii’s practice of housing incarcerated people at private prisons on the continent.


Encouraging the Hawaii Prosecuting Attorneys Association and the National District Attorneys Association to adopt standardized best and promising practices for racial justice in law enforcement.

Continue recognizing that the purpose of the criminal legal system is to seek justice, not retribution or revenge.

Continue supporting the removal of impediments to employment based on a person’s conviction status.


Building a public-facing data dashboard so the community can understand what happens in Kauai’s criminal legal system.

Supporting the implementation of Fair & Just Prosecution‘s “How the Biden-Harris Administration Can Advance Criminal Justice Reform: 13 Recommendations for Change and Federal Engagement.”