Keep Kauai Safe


Our children will be growing up in a world filled with new challenges. Our children are the ones we need to take care of us when we are older, and so we need them to grow up in a landscape free from fear and crime. We, as the guardians of the next generation, have a responsibility to ensure that Hawai’i is as good to them as it is to us. Only by living happily and successfully as adults can we be good role models for the children. Only by making sure our community has good jobs and safe neighborhoods can we show we are a strong and safe Kaua’i.

Teens and young adults

Kauai’s teenagers face an ever-changing social landscape, filled with competing pressures. We need to help them succeed by showing them how to be responsible. Teenagers today have to deal with bullying at school, sometimes fueled by the internet or the desire to fit in with a social group.

Teens also face frequent peer pressure to use alcohol and drugs. As the next generation, it’s our duty to show them by our actions and examples what is the responsible path to adulthood. Our teens can have fun and enjoy themselves without drinking or using drugs. As a former juvenile court prosecutor, I understand the kind of trouble teenagers can get into, and I’ve seen what they’re up against. I will be their ally, and your ally, in trying to create a Kaua’i where teens can be themselves and learn how to be happy and successful adults without violence or drug abuse.


When we get into our twenties and even our thirties we start our working lives and our priorities shift. For some of us, it’s an easy transition. For others, work troubles or personal struggles can lead to problems with drug and alcohol abuse or domestic violence. I understand that these issues are linked. I believe in maintaining peace in our community while also treating the offender. My priority will be on putting away the people who spread the poison of ice in our community, and those who perpetuate the violent crimes that come along with it. I’ve shown that I can do that, my record speaks for itself. I have the leadership skills to show all of our young parents that Kaua’i is a safe place to raise our keikis.

Aunties and Uncles

Middle age is the time of life when we should be able to slow down, take care of the nephews and nieces, and teach them the lessons we have learned. Drugs, alcohol, and domestic violence go hand in hand. We can hear our neighbors arguing, we can see the vacant stares in the eyes of the sick at the beach parks. It’s our job to do something about it.

These are quality of life issues and I know what it takes to take the dealers out of circulation, and to get the addicts the help they need. We drive our friends and family home and we see the speeders and drunk drivers on the roadway. We know that the police do their job, but what happens when they get to the courthouse and into the system? I have shown that I can work with the police to make sure that our quality of life is protected.


Our golden years should be times for family. Unless our neighborhoods are safe, we have let down our grandmas and grandpas. They worked hard to bring us up, how can we let them down? I will make sure that our neighborhoods are safe. People break into houses and terrorize elders for different reasons. Some need money for drugs, some have drug or alcohol abuse problems. By getting law enforcement, the judiciary, and our neighborhood leaders to communicate and work together, I believe we can make our neighborhoods into places where we feel safe knowing that our kupunas are home while we are out at work during the day. I have the respect and the trust it takes to take the career criminals out of circulation while making sure those who deserve a second chance (under close supervision of law enforcement) can get it.

There’s too much at stake to accept anything less. Please help me.