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Tough on Crime

Meth dealer gets 10-year sentence
LIHU‘E — A Kalihiwai man whose methamphetamine-trafficking case languished in the state court system for over a year was recently sentenced to 10 years in prison. Jonathan R. Adams, 38, was arrested in mid-August 2008 for allegedly selling crystal meth to an undercover police officer, according to county Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Justin Kollar and court records.
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Judge: Guilty man a ‘risk’ to community
LIHU‘E — Calling him a risk to the community, a state judge sentenced a Lawa‘i man to a year in prison and five years probation Wednesday on a theft charge. “To keep you in the community is to put the community at risk,” said 5th Circuit Judge Kathleen Watanabe to 26-year-old Freddie Richard Menezes. Watanabe said her inclination was to put Menezes away for five years, after hearing from both state Deputy Public Defender Edmund Acoba and county Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Justin Kollar of the defendant’s lengthy criminal history. >Read more

Judge doubles sentence after convict cracks joke in court: Not funny
LIHU‘E — County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Justin Kollar said Kodama’s case is an example of how drug addiction can destroy a normal person. Kodama was making over $35 a hour repairing and servicing air-conditioning systems, and is now unemployed, having four convictions as an adult.

Kollar argued for incarceration, probation and drug treatment for Kodama, and Valenciano said a 90-day prison recommendation would be doubled, to 180 days, plus fines totaling $860 and 500 hours of community service. >Read more

Busted in home near Kaua‘i High School
Man faces up to 30 years on meth charges
LIHU‘E — A Lihu‘e man found with methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia in his home across Lala Road from Kaua‘i High School faces up to 30 years in prison and up to $30,000 in fines. Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Justin Kollar said Kaua‘i Police Department officers armed with a search warrant in January of this year recovered methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia at Rowland’s home. >Read more

Dahlberg gets year in jail on weapons, threat charges
Judge’s sentence ‘sends a message’
LIHU‘E — Staring at the possibility of 20 years in jail for weapons and terroristic threatening charges, David A. Dahlberg, 40, was sentenced to a year in jail and five years probation Wednesday by 5th Circuit Judge Kathleen Watanabe. “You’re in total denial. You’re an alcoholic,” said Watanabe, denying Deputy Public Defender John Calma’s suggestion of a deferred acceptance of guilty plea in a plea agreement. Dahlberg “terrified” people during the incident involving his ex-girlfriend and another man at the ex-girlfriend’s house, Watanabe said. >Read more

Reyes gets 5 years for meth charges
LIHU‘E — Concerned he is a danger to the community, 5th Circuit Judge Kathleen Watanabe on Wednesday sentenced Raymond Reyes Sr. to five years in jail for drug charges he pleaded guilty to in March. As his client has no prior felony convictions, Public Defender Edmund Acoba said he hoped Reyes could get some form of supervised release in order to have surgery for chronic back problems.

Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Justin Kollar suggested concurrent, five-year sentences for each of the two counts Reyes pleaded guilty to — third-degree promotion of a dangerous drug (methamphetamine), and possession of drug paraphernalia. >Read more

Mothers Against Drunk Driving honors KPD
…Awards and recognition were given to the Youth Services Section for tackling underage drinking projects, to Liquor Department representatives Cecilio Baliaris and Larry Moises for enforcing underage drinking laws at various establishments, and to Deputy County Attorney Justin Kollar. Wiley said Kollar updated the police department’s OVUII policies in an effort to improve arrests and convictions of drunk drivers. Kollar also is a committee member with the statewide Interlock Task Force.

“He has shown a true passion and commitment to eliminating drunk driving on Kaua‘i,” Wiley said. >Read more


Miscellaneous News

Musings: On Perceptions
The silver-green light exuded by a big moon that is headed toward full — and a partial eclipse just after midnight tonight — gave way to the faint first light of dawn, which gave way to bold shafts of light from the rising sun that pierced a bank of gray-white clouds, setting them afire and turning the sea into a shimmery mass of sparkle.
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Underage drinking topic of Town Hall meeting
WAIMEA — Teenagers and alcohol don’t mix, especially when it comes to future aspirations in education and life, more than 50 participants at a Town Hall meeting learned Tuesday night The “Getting to Outcomes” meeting at the Waimea Theater featured the showing of two videos created by Kaua‘i students.

After presentations, theater staff members provided participants hot dogs, popcorn and soft drinks before the audience watched two films, “Wasted: Time is Always Wasted if You’re Wasted all the Time” and “Shattered Dreams.”>Read more

OPA booted from Bynum zoning case
LIHU‘E — The 5tlh Circuit Court recused the Office of the Kaua‘i County Prosecuting Attorney from its misdemeanor zoning violation case against county councilman Tim Bynum in 5th Circuit Court on Thursday.

“Justice requires integrity and I am very pleased to have a very bright attorney who could ask the right questions, and articulate these issues clearly for the court,” Bynum said. “I am very pleased that the court agreed that the prosecutor’s office has misbehaved and made it inappropriate for them to proceed.” >Read more

Musings: Down the Rabbit Hole
One of Shay’s former deputies was in court this morning, recounting her office’s scheme to mislead and secretly tape record a crime victim in hopes of digging up dirt on Councilman Tim Bynum.

His testimony was presented in support of a motion to recuse Shay from prosecuting Tim on two misdemeanor counts for an alleged zoning violation. But after all was said and done, Circuit Court Judge Kathleen Watanabe went one step further than that. >Read more